OBU-ACCA Mentoring Program Option 1

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This course helps you complete your Oxford Brookes University (OBU) Research Project with OBU Registered Mentor Support.

In order to complete your RAP you will need to have a project mentor.   The mentor should be someone whom you feel is the right person to help guide you through the RAP process.  The role of the mentor however is frequently misunderstood.  A degree is about thinking for yourself and conducting your own research and therefore it is not reasonable to expect your mentor always to have specialist knowledge of your particular topic area or specific academic research methods.

The OBU information Pack states that the mentor has two principal roles:

  • to support your preparation of your RAP, by providing advice and feedback to you at appropriate times during your RAP activities
  • to confirm to Oxford Brookes University that he or she has been your Project Mentor and that your RAP is your own work

Specifically OBU confirms that your mentor  should not be expected to ‘give you detailed advice on the structure and content of your Research Report or write any part of it’, neither  should the mentor have to tell you what to you need to do to meet the assessment criteria for a pass, as these areas are your responsibility.  However OBU suggest the following attributes are beneficial in a mentor:

  • Is approachable and has genuine interest in helping students to succeed
  • Listens and actively questions
  • Respects confidentiality and is trustworthy
  • Acts as a sounding board to explore ideas and issues arising from research
  • Provides positive and constructive feedback on research being carried out
  • Challenges and discusses effective communication
  • Offers support and encouragement
  • Helps the student meet their objectives
  • Helps the student ask the right questions, to think systematically, to learn to apply appropriate evaluation techniques and to analyse and interpret the findings
  • Remains neutral and not judgmental
  • Provides subtle guidance but ensures student makes the decisions
  • Is knowledgeable and competent
  • Grasps the essence of the technicalities without becoming a subject matter expert

Attending this course you will be able to:
• Complete your RAP as required by OBU.
• Access to registered mentor according to the OBU Requirements.
• 3 Mentor Meetings with the option of minor meetings as required.
• Review of your RAP documents and Submission.
• Conducting Presentation as per OBU Requirement

This is the only training program in Kuwait taught by professionals and focusing on the ACCA-OBU Research & Analysis Project Program.


You only enroll yourself with a dedicated mentor.  As per the OBU requirements, you will work on preparing your project plan and research. Meetings are held at your pace and plans. As a mentee we expect you to update the mentor on when you are ready to meet and what the meeting topic is about.

The number of meetings depends on your project plans (with 3 main meetings as per OBU Requirement).  Your meeting with the mentor will involve review, discussion and  support on the project topic, research issues and  overcoming your shortcomings.


  • RAP – Research & Analysis Project
  • SLS – Skills & Learning Statement
  • Presentation
  • Appendix – Reference & Bibliography
  • Appendix – Collection & Analysis of Data


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