CIMA Operational Level Course Structure

The CIMA Operational level requires you to complete three Objective Test exams subjects and a Case Study exam. You can only attempt the Case Study exam, which tests your knowledge of the level, once you have passed all three Objective Test exams. Successful completion of the tests and case study allows you to progress onto the CIMA Management level.

To pass the Objective Test exams, you will need to answer both multiple choice and objective questions, achieving at least 100 out of 150 marks. The Case Study exam involves competency based questions and requires a score of 80 out of 150.


4-6 Months


Monthly start dates available


Choice of daytime, evening and weekend session


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Teachers will guide you through a comprehensive set of notes and provide a highly detailed textbook and summary cards should you require further guidance outside the class.


MyNestor provides an online learning environment containing the course material, practice questions and lectures allowing you to recap and test yourself at your own pace. Without this, I do not think I could pass the course.


Great course and learning experience.


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Providing 24/7 access to your learning materials, course notes and recorded lectures, with a supporting mobile app for learning on the go.


Exam Preparation

In addition to your qualification learning, we offer an integrated programme of preparation to make sure you’ve got the knowledge and confidence needed to pass your exams. This includes:

  • Identifying any knowledge gaps and building understanding
  • See how topics are examined – applying knowledge to exam questions
  • Tutor guidance through course notes for more-effective learning
  • Dedicated key topic practice as you learn to track progress
  • Focusing on the specific skills and techniques including time management
  • Learning how to spot easy marks

CIMA Operational level syllabus

  • Look at the critical function that finance plays in an organisation, including the technologies used and they affect it
  • How to use and appraise data in order to add value for an organisation
  • Reviewing how finance operations are structured while seeing how they work with other parts of an organisation towards business goals
  • Learn what costing is used for, including relevant methods and practices, and where digital costing may add value
  • Review the impact of preparation and deployment of budgets within a business, and how good short-term decision making is considered using risk management tools
  • Learn about the roles of relevant regulators and their frameworks are applied
  • How to prepare basic financial statements while considering financial reporting standards
  • Asses and understand the characteristics between tax variants, calculate corporation taxes and be aware of taxation challenges
  • Awareness of the measures and protocols used to safeguard against an organisation having sufficient cash to continue its operations
  • For the Operational level Case Study exam, you will replicate the position of a finance officer/ junior finance professional – something that CIMA describe as a “virtual business role-play”. You will be required, through a simulated scenario, to demonstrate that you have the relevant knowledge and skills that are necessary for that position.

Self-funding with Payment Plan

If you’re covering your CIMA course fees yourself, we offer a number of options to ensure your studying is more affordable, such as spreading payments into instalments.

Additional charges

In addition to your course fees, there may be additional changes associated with your studies, which may include exam fees, exemption entries and examination entries.