Case Study Competition 2020

We welcome you to the MyNestor's CaseStudy Competition

A competition which will test your aptitude for business strategy and real-life problem-solving. If you’ve been eager to demonstrate your ingenuity and intelligence beyond your professional qualification, this is the chance to make an impression on a larger scale. If you think a professional certificate is just about taking training, think again. MyNestor Training offer candidates a wide range of additional hands-on opportunities to apply what they’re learning—and innovative case competition are one of those activities.

Competition Rounds

The Case Competition entail an in-depth analysis of a (multinational) business facing a set of 'real world' (strategic) business management issues that need to be addressed. It is structured over 3 Stages:

The Speaker In You

Give your Public Speaking Skills a test.

Round Date: 15th June 2020

The Fighter In You

Testing Your Peer Coordination

Round Run: 20th June 2020

The Social Icon in You

Testing Your Presentation Skills with Tech Factor.

Round Run: 30th June 2020

Entry deadline: 30 May 2020

Candidates are required to submit their 1 minute Video with the Registration Form.


Build resilience and differentiate yourself

Companies are constantly looking for people with problem solving skills to combat the challenges that they might face, participating in case competitions will put you on their radar.

Network with like-minded future Leaders

It brings together like-minded young aspiring candidates and meeting each other will be a good way to compare & learn!

Bring the business spotlight on your value

This is a chance to display your unique attributes on the big stage & being profiled in media, opening doors to many career opportunities unimaginable!

Be a Winner that takes home the Prize Money

Winners receive amount equivalent to their Certification Exam Fee, as well as Certificate of Attendance and our Legendary Case Winner Trophy.

2020 Challenge Selected Case

Netflix's Entry into India by Syed Abdul Samad; Nagendra V Chowdary of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

Participants for the 2020 Challenge


Competition Format & Stages


Intro Meeting + Profiling Day.

In the introduction meeting, you get to understand the theme of the Case Competition.

You get to meet your Mentors and the Case Study Team who are there to aid you during this process.

You will also witness a brief on how the competition will run and its key components including the Rules & Regulations, Case Company and how to access the Case.

Over a two week period, the participants analyse the given case study to produce a summary Strategic Case Analysis Report. Each report will be provisionally accepted and should it meet the requirements, the participant is then invited to speak at a 20 minutes with a 8 power point slides presentation.

A panel of judges will then determine and announce point scores for each participants based on the presentation. Judges will also ask question during this process.

Due to the COVID 19 Lock Down, we are holding all Presentation Virtually through the GoTo Training Platform.

This is an Open Peer Review Stage. You present your solutions to your peers who then critique or support your conclusions. Your peers will score you based on how well you were able to convince them on your proposed solution. Each participants gets to present to the Peer Review Committee. Our Panel of judges will score you on your abilities to interact with your peers and your evaluation capabilities.

The scores will be announced one week after rating the participants according to the score level.

In addition to presentation document, each participants will submit a 3 minute 2-part Video:

(1): Proposing their solutions to the questions in the Case Study; and

(2) Introducing themselves, why they entered as well as the lessons learnt including how the competition has and could assist their future career. This also includes why the public should vote for them.

Two Weeks from the Video publishing, Scores will be accumulate and Winner announced.

All winners will be announced by 31st July 2020.

The Winner (with the highest Top scores) wins

  • prize money equivalent to their 1 Year ACCA subscription fee plus Upcoming Exam Fee for selected papers.
  • MyNestor Case Study Winner Trophy
  • Certificate of Achievement for wining the case competition.

All other participants will receive Certificate of attendance with Score Profile.

Volunteer as Mentor/Team Advisor

Mentors/Team Advisors add great value to Case Study Competition  process by guiding and motivating teams to compete at the highest level. A lot of aspirants are seeking a good Mentor/Team Advisor who can help them succeed at the competition and perhaps with their overall career. If you are a business educator, professional coach or mentor, manager or entrepreneur, or a recent business graduate with case study competition experience, you are welcome to enlist as Mentor/Team Advisor to enable us to connect you with our aspirants who may need your help.

To express interest in participating as a Mentor/Team Advisor please Register Yourself.