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Our Workshops & Events are specifically developed by world-leading experts in their chosen field to provide advanced skills and knowledge in the chosen subject area. From Leadership to Interpersonal Skills through to Entrepreneurship & Business Management, the workshops will accelerate your development to the highest level. You will learn advanced, cutting edge knowledge, skills and techniques, as well as gain real, practical application of the tools and techniques taught ready for today’s highly competitive market.

A Delegate Focused Approach
We aim to unlock the power in you by considering the need of each & very delegate through post-seminar feedback about your My-Nestor Management training experience.

Quality Trainers
All of our seminars are run by industry renowned trainers, giving you access to the best possible help and advice throughout your training.

Easily Accessible Locations
We hold our events at the most prominent locations in Kuwait. We always ensure our locations are easily reachable, offer parking and are the space for today's business orientated individual.

Choice and Range
Our current Event schedule consists of a range of seminars, making us Kuwait’s most comprehensive independent face-to-face training provider. We constantly enhance our programme to enable us to cater for changing needs of people and organisations.

Simple Booking
Booking for our events or workshops is every easy. Simple visit our Upcoming Events Page, Click on the Event/Workshop you would like to attend, Purchase the attendance ticket and receive your confirmation. Its easy as that!

Bespoke In-Company Training
MyNestor Management is also a leading provider of In-Company training. In-Company training offers a solution whereby groups of people with the same training need can be given a tailored or bespoke training course, delivered at a site of your choice.

Be Business Smart Workshops

Our in-person events help walk you through the skills and training you are looking for to build and grow your business.

Upcoming Events

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The Entrepreneurship Boot-camp

First of its kind in Kuwait For Aspiring Kuwaiti Entrepreneur - Learn the skills of entrepreneurship now!

Past Events

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ACCA-OBU Coach Sessions

Become an expert in your research with our Unique Coach Sessions. Learn the Skills of Research and become an Expert at your RAP preparation.

Previous Workshops

At our event there is an opportunity to learn something, meet new people and exchange professional as well as personal experiences. Our events offer an inspiring evening from a variety of perspectives; business, politics and social innovation. Whether you want to change your career track, boost your income, or are looking to start your own, our MyNestor hands-on Entrepreneurship Program gives you all the basic tools you’ll need to uncover and enhance the potential to imagine, create and start your own business.