Support & Funding

Your journey towards the certification program is no doubt less than a mountain climb. The Ups can be the most exciting part of the journey, however, the downs can be really demotivating. As an initiative to encourage you during such difficult time, mynestor Training allocates a Special Fund for candidates enrolled in a particular session, allowing them to score funding for their re-attempt.

To qualify for the Fund:

  • You should be enrolled with Full Time (not Review) session with mynestor.
  • You should attend at least 90% of the Training Session Days.
  • You have to attempt 4 out of 5 mocks in the Training Session Plans.
  • You cannot miss the Final Mock exams for any reason (illness or otherwise).
  • Collective Mock Scores should be 40% plus for the session to qualify.

** Candidates who miss their Final Mocks due to any reasons, are not eligible for funds in case they fail the session.

To obtain the Fund:

  • You need to inform us with your results and forward us an official copy of your result.

Terms & Condition:

  • The Re-attempt fund has to be used for the next upcoming Session. For instance, if you fail in the June session, the reattempt has to be in September sitting.
  • The Re-attempt fund cannot be transferred to another session or another paper.
  • The fund is not given in Cash or Cheque. You will receive a Fund Certificate stating the amount and the terms of the funds. Once you are ready to register for the exam, our staff will login to your account and make your exam registration on your behalf.

If you qualify for the fund, our respective staff will contact you with the details.