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NESTOR stems from a given name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology it comes to mean as one who is a patriarch or leader in a field. MY-NESTOR is an acronym of an organisation that is an expert in its area and which stands to lead its clients to their goals with success.

With its Trainee-managed participative Training approach, MY NESTOR becomes YOUR PERSONALIZED EXPERT whether you are business seeking management consultation or an individual seeking Training Programs. Our mission is be one of the leading consultation and Training center in the field of professional accountancy education, catering to our clients need in a proactive manner.

CPA Mock Exam Course

Did you know our Mock Exam Course is one-of-its-kind in Kuwait? Practice each area of the CPA Exam and master the content of the CPA 4 Part Exam. Easy Booking, Expert Marking & Upgrade Attempt all included.

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CPA 2021 Exam Window

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2021/08/31 23:59:00
CFA July/August 2021 Exam Window

Get the training you need to improve your skills. Our experts are ready to help. Change your life through learning with mynestor today.

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2021/07/31 23:59:00

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24/7 online access to HD video lectures, podcasts, mind maps, case studies, quizzes, discussion forums, e-learning apps, and lecture notes, so you can learn using a format that suits you best. MYLMS is MYNESTOR's approach to share its resources with our Training customers.

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Our tailored range of study options include live real-time lectures and revision sessions with tutors, a combination of live and non-live study. We even include the possibility of 1-to-1 Sessions. With COVID-19 we are conducting LIVE interactive Training ONLINE.

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ACCASeptember 2020 Exam Date

Need some quick revision? Looking for some Mock Attempts?
Try our 5 Days Revision Series for the ACCA Applied Skills Module OR Take a CBE Mock like your ACCA Exam. Hurry Up before the seats get filled.

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2020/09/07 23:59:00

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Whether a one day communication skill course, a management training workshop, leadership program or long term culture change project, the mynestor Training Division welcomes the opportunity to help YOU develop and increase your business engagement.